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1. Create a Field Group

Begin by creating a Field Group. A Field Group is a bundle of one or more custom fields. We can manage the fields within each Field Group. Each Field Group also has a Placement Rules box - here you specify where the Field Group should appear.

2. Enter Content

The Field Group will appear on edit screens as determined by Placement Rules. For example, if you choose “post_type = event” within Placement Rules, then the field group will appear on all event edit screens. Simply fill out the fields.

3. Pull Data Into Your Template

In order to display custom field values, you’ll need to add code to your template file. CFS comes with a lightweight API for pulling values into your template. See the get() method for more information. To output the first_name value, add the following code to your template:

<?php echo CFS()->get( 'first_name' ); ?>


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